Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Introducing Dropbox integration for Dolphin

Hello all,

About a week ago I was looking for a plugin that integrates Dropbox within the KDE filemanager Dolphin. Seems like this didn't exist yet. The demand for it is pretty high it seems:

That's why I decided to develop dolphin-box-plugin and blog about it. What the plugin currently does is:
  • Show sync feedback with icon overlays
  • Provide custom context menus
As screenshots usually say more then a thousand words: 

So how do you get these goodies?

Currently you can get the sourcecode at:

Or download the (K)Ubuntu 10.10 64bit package (I know, I should create more packages)

After installing the files, either from source or from the deb, you have to enable the plugin by doing the following:
  • Restart Dolphin
  • Settings --> Configure Dolphin --> Services
  • Check Dropbox
  • Restart Dolphin
Let me know if you have any problems!

As they would say it: Happy syncin'!

Please note that i'm not affiliated with Dropbox in any way, hence the sucky plugin name.